As our "The Idea" page suggests, we'd like to be involved in supporting your projects in two ways:


1) Do you have an interesting idea for empowering children, encouraging creativity and expression and/or playfulness in a kindergarten, school or children's community service or other children's project setting. Whether you have deductible gift recipient status or not, we'd love to discuss options for the surplus from sales of Togethimals in your community to go to your cause. Contact us to tell us more about your idea.


2) We'd love to direct general surpluses from Togethimals sales towards solar electricity installations for facilities operated as a children’s community service agency, kindergarten or school. If your organisation is a) in Australia, b) has deductible gift recipient status, c) is a kindergarten, school or children's community service agency and d) is considering or undertaking a solar installation project contact us to tell us more.