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Our aim with Togethimals was to help improve interaction and conversation. It was not to make money. This is one of our gifts to the world. So what if people bought the book and a surplus was generated? If that happened, maybe that surplus could help address a societal issue and create a way to involve all generations in it? Maybe this little book could be a daughter and daddy social enterprise of sorts?


Our first thought was that we could make Togethimals freely available for schools, kindergartens and children's services or other intergenerational projects to sell as part of their funding initiatives. We liked the idea of our work helping your work and so that is the start of what the fund can help to do. 


On top of that our family, like many others, is concerned about living in a way that is as ecologically sustainable as possible. So maybe the fund could also help us come together across the generations to do more for that cause. Perhaps it could get places where children and adults interact - children's community services, kindergartens, schools - started or assisted on the journey to use renewable energy. Small solar installations (which were set up to grow over time) could improve sustainability, generate cross-generational conversations about ecology and allow the recipient organisations to save money on energy and put it towards their core purpose.


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